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TENDER, Suspended Fragments.

Together with a group of colleagues--heterogeneous in terms of education and aesthetic concepts--from San Martín, Buenos Aires Province, we make a collective. It purpose is to meet the challenge to create an intellectual space in which to launch creative action based on artistic experimentation and the debate of ideas with a nontraditional outlook that represents us in our contemporariness.
We accepted an invitation from the UNSAM (National University of San Martín) and the space it offered us as a Site Specific in which to set our interventions.
We proposed our purpose was to free ourselves from the walls invading the space, allowing meanwhile a journey through the different pieces of art, representing the aesthetic of each artist.
"TENDER, Suspended Fragments," was no limited to this University, rather, after this intervention, we were invited to present the project at the UNGS (University of General Sarmiento) within the Expansion Exhibit and also by the Subsecretary of Culture of the FADU, UBA (National University of Buenos Aires) where we varied the relationship with space and, reconsidering the dialogue among each one of the pieces, it fascilitated a new reading of the interventions was possible.
As a collective, our propose was to move forward with each question, taking new challenges, taking advantage of our diversity and proposing answers that bring us closer to a new kind of thinking.

November, 2015

UNSAM. National University of San Martin, Buenos Aires

Federico de la Puente