The Studio

Since 1995 I have been involved intensively in academic pursuits, conducting my art workshop for children, young adults, and adults.

The Workshop is the result of my experience as an artist and of my trajectory in the field of teaching. I focus on providing students with a space for growth and thinking, through individual as well as collective proposals and projects. These are based on practices that strive for quality in the works, while taking into account the variety of interests of the participants.

I am interested in beginning from the personal needs of each participant, elaborating languages and individual styles to dig deep in order to develop tools such as drawing, painting, experimentation, and the object.

I involve myself with artists and advanced students in their personal projects through the art-work clinic, advising them in completing presentations to exhibitions and competitions. At the same time, I coordinate theoretical as well as practical seminars in response to specific proposals.

Open Mind
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